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My fellow students, let those sweet whispers in the past sunset be buried in the bottom of my heart and turn into beautiful memories!


Every spring and autumn, every game, every discussion, every quarrel, will be a precious page in my memory.


The sorrow of others, the joy of others, your kindness, devotion, and unselfishness are always enshrined in my heart.


If you weeped for the missing sunset, you would miss all the shining stars.


Waving goodbye, sailing, and not to mention, the rope of friendship that you threw, invisible and firm to my heart.


In the snow season, we were confused and lonely and miserable, but we came over after all.


The wind and the rain, the sound of reading, hears; disband memory, looking for a job, everything.


Long distance, long line, with the deep yearning; far space, long time, cut to your care!


Friends, let me gently say hello, although life will inevitably get together, there are scattered, but you are my heart, the most cherished, the most memorable friends.


A lot of things we thought we would never forget in our lives were forgotten by us.


In the future when the boss, can not be the boss, when the boss, the mother can not be the boss, when the boss, his mother will do!


Graduation, and want to keep those warm days, how eager to throw into the current of life as soon as possible.


Most want to hear is your laughter, the most want to see is your happiness, happiness is always with you, this is my most sincere wishes!


Walking with you, recalling the common ideals we once had, breaking up with you and dreaming of the revelry when we meet again.


There is a saying buried in my heart for a long time, I am so hard ah, today I must say: "when you turn over the old rubber wipe, so that I ah!"!


Miss you like a curl of smoke linger on faintly, wishes to you like a babbling brook along with life.


Leaves of the wind is passionate, or the tree does not retain, you and I leave school is the urging of life, or youth does not stay?.


Let me have a hug after graduation. I don't want to leave with regrets.


You cherish today, but also a hundred times to embrace the enthusiasm of tomorrow, that did not, the future must belong to you!


The road of life must be melancholy, the ends of the earth always have bosom friend. Seize the opportunity, treasure the fate, and wish our friendship forever.


In this hot and sunny season, we are going to leave for better parties and more excitement.


Earth, five shells beach, with a staff movement, a colorful way of life.


May my valediction is an umbrella, you can block the sun and wind and rain on the journey.


You are the bud of the flower season, you are the eagle carrying the wings, tomorrow is our world, everything is shining because of us.


Silent parting, just like the silent meeting. May this warm breeze bring you my affectionate blessing and prayers!


Fight or quarrel or happy or gas or, you will always be my best friend.


You'll never see my loneliest time, because I am the loneliest when you are not with me.


I always tell myself, even if occasionally lost the sun, but there are stars in the sky for you to lead the way.


I have my pride, my pride, and I shouldn't give up all this for someone.


Don't throw away your past enthusiasm, you still have to keep that real!


No matter what career you want to succeed, you should first be interested in your career.


Our faces were filled with new shyness and curiosity. Curious about you today and yourself tomorrow.


Parting is temporary. Life is forever. Parting breeds love and makes our love hotter.


Red clouds in the rain, sincere friendship in the rear, stone and water do not stop, friendship is not far away and sparse.


Shake hands tightly. The hand has intention, the hand has the sentiment, in the palm in a thousand words, also has my unspeakable secret.


Don't hope for tomorrow morning, the clouds, the sun always accompany you to go to the far-off regions; flowers, green grass out your lofty quest of the future.


Earnest affection, not to line footsteps, goodbye, dear friends.


Graduation soon, in order to better serve the community, the following on my college career made a simple summary of the identification.


What's your alma mater? You can't leave early when you first arrive. But when you really want to leave, you're eager to stay for one or two more days.


Meet and farewell, sail away from the shore, is the end of past joy, but also the beginning of the future happiness.


Although we are going to break it, but I will miss you all the way. We get into class together buried eat wild!


No matter how far away the future may be, you will have me on the way to growth; no matter when we meet, we will be friends forever.


From all corners of the country to go to far apart from each other. No matter where you go, please remember to come back to see shixiongshijie.


That set of white attire, like the pigeon in the campus, is the cloud that floats into the future.


Graduation soon, and the new journey is about to begin. May every friend be brave enough to face each day in the future!


When you turn on the phone in the morning, you can see my blessing, a heart of roses, to bring you a day of good luck.


One song sang softly, "in youth, time may take away all the seasons that have been.".


With memory, with fantasy, toward life, towards the motherland in all directions.


In our life, how many have a strange life, but were missed, even looked at each other no chance.


Graduation season rain have, graduates of deep sorrow. How can the future where students, points at Zhongguancun.


I know the building, the sculpture, the green air, the grass.


After graduation, I no longer worry about my homework and thesis, but I still have to face more difficult challenge.


My life is in you, and you live with me; when we meet again, you and I are still a whole.


Your heart, he inadvertently, love not love their own, in itself is no return.


I ran along with the light, ran across the playground, ran across the canteen, and ran across the small pond. Finally, I arrived at a familiar and unfamiliar place.


The sea of life has spread its golden path, and the waves are lined with waving bouquets of welcome. The courage to go, shixiongshijie!


I remain in your heart as you are in my heart; the past and the present, we are two beings that cannot live apart from each other.


In a busy life, don't forget to take time to relax and keep a young and happy heart forever.


No matter how long the future will be, please treasure every moment we meet. No matter how many seasons, we are friends forever.


In the end the moment no tears, just hope that some day in the future when we are together again to those familiar with the campus, every tree and Bush kiss.


My dear friends, please don't be sad. After you leave, please treasure each other.


Parting, tears become messages, you say: "this tears can be condensed into pearls, become a permanent memorial.".


Know each other is God, the acquaintance is satisfactory, adding that friendship, love and intention, we can get together, because of the heart.


Every time I tried to give you up, you gave me little hope that I could carry on.


Classmate that past life, is a bunch of Tomatoes on sticks, that charming sweet and acid, will always be memorable!


Get rid of the wisp of theemotions, untold ShanMeng oath, with the flying catkins winding heart, only to end up the lovesickness.


Absence is to love what wind is to fire, it goes out to Mars, but up flames.


Today, my classmate broke up and said, "take care!"! Ming alumni meet, congratulations one: success!


Today, we are close classmates; tomorrow, we will be competitors. May friendship deepen in the competition.


Everyone's life is like four seasons: spring sowing, summer long autumn harvest and winter experience. Friends, take your youth spirit, to sow the seeds of happiness!


It was a refreshing autumn, with the autumn wind blowing and the weather getting cooler.


Let's take our legs, sweat, and go all the way through the thunder! Outside the school gate, there are flowers surrounded by the future!


Today, we are close classmates; tomorrow, we will be competitors. May friendship deepen in the competition!


Sometimes, you are not the usual, will be very serious, Na Wei Yan also shocked me, it seems that you still have the leadership skills.


A month, a bird, I quietly send you away from the horizon, a tearful star, always watching you back away.


Yesterday today tomorrow, sail past the best, step by step the flowers bloom. Sometimes stop and look back, it was memories of debris everywhere.


Silent parting, just like the silent meeting. May this warm breeze bring you my affectionate blessing and prayers.


The brief separation, is for the permanent meeting, lets us expect, that eternal joy.


Offer distressed at parting wishes, wish the time of happiness with you. Separation makes the friendship stronger, and the first reunion will be brighter in that day.


Learn elder brother elder sister elder sister, although I don't know you, still wish you how should I, everybody opens Buick, everybody has a villa.