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1、自信是成功的第一秘诀。Confidence in yourself is the first secret of success。

2、恢弘志士之气,不宜妄自菲薄。The gas of magnificent person, not little。

3、人有了坚定的信念才是不可战胜的。People have faith is invincible。

4、信念!有信念的人经得起任何风暴。Faith! Have faith can withstand any storm。

5、去做你害怕的事,害怕自然就会消逝。To do the thing you fear, the fear will die。

6、无论如何,“流言”总不能吓哑我的。In any case, "gossip" can't frighten dumb to me。

7、自信是向成功迈出的第一步。Confidence in yourself is to take the first step to success。

8、人多不足以依赖,要生存只有靠自己。More people to rely on, to survive only on your own。

9、有必胜信念的人才能成为战场上的胜利者。Triumphalism talent can be winner on the battlefield。

10、先相信自己,然后别人才会相信你。Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you。

11、地球上的任何一点离太阳都同样地遥远。Any point on earth are equally distant from the sun。

12、吾无过人者,但生平行为,无不可对人言耳。I without anybody, but the life behavior, not for human speech。

13、我们应该有恒心,尤其要有自信心。We should have the perseverance, especially must have the self-confidence。

14、自立自重,不可跟人脚迹,学人言语。Stand on its own weight, not with anyone footstep, economist's words。

15、坚决的信心,能使平凡的人们,做出惊人的事业。Firm confidence, can make the ordinary people, do amazing career。

16、劳动使人建立起对自己的理智力量的信心。Labor makes people to establish confidence in his intellectual power。

17、信念,你拿它没办法,但是没有它你什么也做不成。Faith, you can't with it, but what you can do without it。

18、有信心的人,可以化渺小为伟大,化平庸为神奇。Confident person, can be small to great, mediocre to magic。

19、相信就是强大。怀疑只会抑制能力,而信仰却是力量。Believe is strong。 Doubt will only inhibition, and belief is power。

20、不管我们踩什么样的高跷,没有自己的脚是不行的。No matter what we step on stilts, does not have its own feet。

21、深窥自己的心,而后发觉一切的奇迹在你自己。Deep insights into their own heart, and then find all the miracles in yourself。

22、在任何行业中,走向成功的第一步,是对它产生兴趣。In any industry, the first step on the road to success, is interested in it。

23、一个人几乎可在任何他怀有无限热忱的事情上成功。A person can be almost to succeed in anything he has unlimited enthusiasm。

24、强烈的信仰会赢取坚强的人,然后又使他们更坚强。Strong faith will win it takes a strong man, and then make them stronger。

25、任何人都应该有自尊心,自信心,独立性,不然就是奴才。Anyone should have self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, not is a slave。

26、除了人格以外,人生最大的损失,莫过于失掉自信心了。In addition to personality, the biggest loss of life, than to lose confidence。

27、价值产生信心,信心产生热忱,而热忱则征服世界。Value have confidence, confidence, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm to conquer the world。

28、自信与骄傲有异;自信者常沉着,而骄傲者常浮扬。Confident and proud of; Confidence is always calm and proud people often float。

29、我们对自己抱有的信心,将使别人对我们萌生信心的绿芽。We have the confidence in myself, will make others green shoots of confidence to us。

30、能够使我飘浮于人生的泥沼中而不致陷污的,是我的信心。Can I float in life without becoming trapped in the mire of the dirt, is my confidence。

31、我宁愿靠自己的力量打开我的前途,而不愿求有力者的垂青。I prefer to rely on own strength to open my future, rather than seek strong person。

32、幽默是表明工人对自己事业具有信心并且表明自己占着优势的标志。Humor is that workers about their career with confidence and signals of the advantage。

33、缺乏自信常常是性格软弱和事业不能成功的主要原因。A lack of confidence is often not the main reason for the success of the weak character and career。

34、地狱中最炽热的地方是为那些在伟大精神考验中保持中立的人准备的。Is the hottest place in hell for those who remain neutral in the great mental tests。

35、畅开心扉是为了虚荣,为了侃侃而谈,为了得到别人的信赖,为了交换秘密。Open your heart to vanity, to talk about, in order to get the trust of others, in exchange for a secret。

36、自卑的人,总是在自卑里埋没的自己,记住,你是这个世界上唯一的。People with low self-esteem, always buried himself in the inferiority, remember, you are unique in the world。

37、要有自信,然后全力以赴——假如具有这种观念,任何事情十之八九都能成功。To have confidence, and then go all out - if has this kind of idea, any things nine times out of ten can succeed。

38、坚信自己的思想,相信自己心里认准的东西也一定适合于他人这就是天才。Believe that their own thoughts, believe yourself look in heart of things will be suitable for others that is genius。

39、谁中途动摇信心,谁就是意志薄弱者;谁下定决心后,缺少灵活性,谁就是傻瓜。One midway shake confidence, is a milquetoast; Who is determined after, lack of flexibility, who is a fool。

40、地位越高,自我评价就越高,自信心多强,能力就有多强。我们总能表现出与环境的和谐平等。The higher the position, the higher self assessment, how strong self-confidence, ability how strong。 We can always show the harmonious equality with the environment。

41、任何人都应该有自尊心、自信心、独立性,不然就是奴才。但自尊不是轻人,自信不是自满,独立不是弧立。Anyone should have self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, not is a slave。 But pride not young people, confidence is not complacent, independence is not isolated。