2020-03-11 15:57:42


Let my blessings float into your ears like that sweet bell, and stay in your heart. Happy birthday to you!


Please remember that someone always loves you and needs you. Happy birthday to you with all my love!


Things change and stars move, will not stay for us, only you and my love, always hidden in the depths of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday!


The voice of the cell phone is my greeting, the voice of the heart in the short message is my gentle, gentle voice, your smile.


May you sow in the season of hope and reap in the joy of autumn! Happy birthday! Be promoted step by step!


Let me keep this fragrant memory and treasure this beautiful page of friendship. On your birthday, please accept my deep blessings!


Dreams fade and flowers fade. But what you have will last forever. Happy birthday!


On this joyful day, I sincerely wish you a peaceful and joyful birthday.


Blessing you: every day Wahaha, every year happy Pepsi, beautiful smiling face, youth provoking praise. Happy birthday!


Life and love are the highest significance of human beings. While trying to grasp life, I hope you can find love and enjoy it as soon as possible. Happy birthday!


Today is your birthday. I really want to spend the Narcissus blossom with you. Happy birthday and happy forever when you come back.


On a memorable day, may the world be better and happier because of you. Happy birthday.


May the halo of happiness entangle you and tell you my sincere wishes: "All good things are entangled with you, happiness and peace".


Happy birthday to my happy, beautiful, enthusiastic, healthy, confident and energetic friends!


A happy birthday can't replace my heart. It's my greatest wish to be with you forever.


I would like to be like that maple leaf, stretching my pure shallow green in the morning breeze, burning my brilliant red in the sunset, dedicated to your birthday.


Now do not give birthday gifts, write a blessing to you, if you don't think the gift is enough, then put me together. Happy birthday to you!


Today is your birthday. To congratulate you, all women's toilets and bathrooms are open to you free of charge. Welcome!


Give you a gift to show my heart. Every year we grow old and learn new things, and every year we get better. Happy birthday to you!


Thank you for remembering my birthday. Why didn't you answer the phone just now? Can you give me a call?


Life is short. Don't be stingy about wishing yourself a happy birthday and shouting to the sky.


I can't choose which is the best, the best chooses me. Happy birthday to myself!


Brilliant candlelight, happy birthday, lucky me, tomorrow will be better!


May all the joy and joy pour into your window today when your birthday comes.


May your face be as brilliant as spring. Best wishes to you - a sentimental girl. Happy birthday!


Throughout life, joy is boundless. Every day is full of happiness. Fast horses whip good news, dancing, singing and sleeping.


I hope that the grass in your heart will be evergreen, youthful and smiling. Happy birthday, healthy and happy!


Although I can't spend this special day with you, I wish you a happy birthday in this far away place as I do!


Today you have entered a rare year. For an old man like you, health is the first wealth. I sincerely wish you health and longevity.


Happy Birthday, Happy.


If a hero stands upright, the sun and the moon shine in peace and health, happy life is full of laughter, happy dreams come true.


Flowers blossom like dreams, the wind has no trace, although the blessings are gentle, but in the heart forever. Happy birthday, peace and happiness!


The evening breeze slowly blows, the friendship gently tells, sincerely you have me, the short message is full of happiness. Today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you!


I really want to be by your side and spend this wonderful day with you. My heart is with you. Love you in my heart.

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